2021 Environmental and Sustainability Report

Sustainability is at the core of our company – from working fully remote to cut carbon emissions from daily commutes to keeping all operations digital. But this year, we went even further. We decided to take the next step towards sustainability by becoming carbon negative. 

And even though we grew our operations by almost 4-times, we remained sustainable and environmentally conscious. Are we doing enough? There’s always space for improvement. Are we doing the best we can? At this time, yes. Our employees, customers, and partners are sharing the values of sustainability and together, we are moving towards a better future. 

Our two main focus areas are: 

  1. Becoming and remaining carbon-negative
  2. Striving to become a zero-waste company

Becoming carbon-negative

Becoming carbon-neutral is not enough anymore. To avoid the worst outcomes of the rapidly changing climate, we need to strive to become carbon-negative. Achieving carbon-negativity goes beyond cutting emissions across all work areas, it means actively participating in finding the solutions. While we’re not there yet, we’ve begun our journey by investing in a local tree-planting solution, taking care of restoring forests in Indonesia, Madagascar, Haiti, Kenya, and the Amazon rainforest. Our entire infrastructure is on Google Cloud which is carbon neutral and aims to become carbon negative by 2030. 

Here’s how we contributed to climate change in 2021:

  • 0 direct emissions
  • Empowering and educating our partners and employees
  • Entering a carbon-negative partnership 

Our zero-waste efforts

Another important area for us is becoming a zero-waste organization. We’ve become a fully digital business in 2019, transforming all our processes to digital, avoiding any paper, packaging and similar waste. Our HQ is digital, teams are working fully remote, not producing any waste. Our financial operations are run in the cloud and we are receiving/issuing digital invoices. 

Here’s how we contributed to the zero-waste movement in 2021: 

  • All operations were kept in the cloud
  • Digital HQ – we eliminated waste from business as usual
  • We are encouraging employees and partners to avoid producing unnecessary waste.