How Design_Strategy Went from 0 to 203 Organic Subscribers in 60 days

“Working with G+S is a smooth experience as they plan their solutions a few steps ahead. G+S always listens to my wishes, balances them with their experience and moves them in the right direction. Their work combines market research, my long-term goals and reachable project objectives. Their transparent way of working allows me, as a client, to always have insight into the content plan.”

Romina Kavčič, founder of Design_Strategy

CHALLENGE: Create a knowledge hub

Romina Kavčič, an experienced Slovene designer and the founder of Design_Strategy, came to us with a seemingly simple brief - to help her create a knowledge hub for designers, design and product managers, design strategists and others connected to the field.

Our goal was to transform Romina’s experience into valuable and helpful content, reach her target audience, and get as many of them to subscribe to Design_Strategy’s newsletter. We wanted to get as many qualified people on her list as possible. The problem? Romina's website was a spring chicken and needed to get relevant traffic and authority fast!

SOLUTION: Creating and executing a content strategy

We began as any project in any field should - with meticulous user research. We did plenty of online work and boiled our data down to useful snippets like these:

customer research

With Romina's help we pinpointed her target market and key personas, identified the right balance between her customer's problems and the most efficient keywords which will get us higher in Google rankings and get more visitors to Romina's page.

During the first two months, we published 4 articles and 3 interview articles with Romina’s peers.

The 4 chosen articles were:

  • How to conduct effective product testing
  • How to become a better design manager
  • How to conduct user research: A step-by-step guide
  • What is a design system and how does it align your team to create better products?

As you can see, they align with our user research, Romina's vision and the challenges mentioned in the snippets above. They all provide valuable advice that helps designers and product managers.

We’ve shared Design_Strategy’s content with relevant communities on Reddit. During the research we identified Reddit was a viable distribution channel.

They were well-liked and generally performed better than similar blog links in the same groups.

Romina also shared the content on her social media, and within some design communities that she’s a part of. Promotion wise, that was it.


Two months are not nearly enough to judge any content strategy, but you can still examine the trends and see if you’re moving in the right direction.

First, let’s take a look at Design-Strategy’s traffic from February 1st to April 1st.

The most important thing for us is that the spikes aren’t just one-time occurrences. The traffic grows every week, which means Romina's page is slowly reaching consistent traffic, one of the ultimate content strategy goals.

We’ve reached 1725 new users and converted 203 of them into subscribers. That’s an 11.7% conversion rate. Sure, early numbers can be deceiving, but this number definitely shows that we produce valuable content that people enjoy. Having an expert like Romina to bounce ideas off definitely helped us pick the right ones.

During this time we’ve sent 3 content email blasts to our subscribers and added Romina’s 10-day free email course towards the end of the second month. That makes 13 emails in total.

The opening rate was super solid at 47.73%.

Design_Strategy’s subscribers have been opening and reading our emails. Romina has also started receiving positive reader’s feedback which is always nice and inspiring to read.

Here you have it. That’s what you can expect from a solid content marketing plan after the first two months.

Results summary:

1️⃣ 0 to 203 newsletter subscribers
2️⃣ 1.725 unique visitors - 11.7 % conversion rate to subscribers
3️⃣ 47.73% email open rate
4️⃣ Subscribers are "in love" with the content

If you too want to kickstart your own content marketing and would like to impress your target audience with helpful content, get in touch.