How Visionect Generated 1488 leads in 28 days From Content

“The main difference between working with Grow and Scale and any other agency is that with G+S it does not feel like you hired an agency at all. More like you just added a new smart, capable and dedicated member to your team.”

Tilen Kegl, Marketing team lead at Visionect

Visionect used to publish “interesting” blog posts, but there was no strategy and no real purpose. They did it because… you just got to have a blog nowadays, right?

Together, we managed to turn things around pretty quickly and built a lead generating machine.

COMPANY INTRO: Meet Visionect

Founded in 2007, Visionect is the premier designer and developer of ultra-low-power digital display solutions. Together we focused on their flagship product – Joan. Joan is the simplest meeting room booking system out there. You place the e-ink tablet in front of your meeting rooms and it shows the current availability status, upcoming meetings and can do much more.

Joan’s mission is to streamline meetings and create productive workplaces. It’s a mission where your product and educational content need to go hand-in-hand to achieve it.

CHALLENGE: No leads from content

When we started working with Visionect, they were already publishing blog posts with various tips on how to improve meetings, productivity etc.

However, they had no:

  • Content strategy
  • Lead capturing magnets
  • Lead nurturing email sequences

That’s why they also had no results.

We got together with their team determined to fix that.

SOLUTION: Content marketing strategy with a strong lead magnets

First, we connected with Visionect’s data, design, sales, and advertising crew and we have to say they were a blast to work with.

We did user research, gathered insights from their sales team, and created a target persona. Once we had our persona nailed down we did topic and SEO research and put together Visionect’s new content plan.

The goal was to create targeted and relevant blog posts, see which ones get the most traction, and create an ebook around them.

After 3 months of content publishing, we curated our top-performing posts into a lead-gen ebook titled How to have better meetings.

A strong lead-gen magnet deserves its own landing page, so we helped their team make one. They advertised the ebook on Facebook for initial traction.

As we were expecting a lot of new leads with the new content strategy and ebook implemented, we also set up an automatic email sequence to help out Joan’s sales team and save them some time.

The sequence triggers whenever someone downloads a content upgrade or the ebook and sends them a series of emails based on where in the marketing funnel lead entered. The email sequence introduces Joan, case stories, use cases, and educates prospective customers before their sales team reaches out.

RESULTS: 1488 leads and 330+ hours saved

Before December Visionect generated leads using standard content upgrades. In December we launched our ebook’s landing page and the leads skyrocketed. One month after the launch, the ebook generated 1488 new leads!


The amazing thing is the book didn’t take that much time to create as we already planned our content with it in mind. We also tested some topics to see which performed well enough to include them in the book and were therefore confident the book would perform well.

The email sequence also paid off big time.


“Based on our internal calculations, our sales team saved 336 hours on contacting leads before demo calls in the last 6 months.”

– Teo Radetić, Senior Data Scientist


Results summary:

1️⃣ 1488 new leads in 28 days
2️⃣ 330+ hours saved with the help of the new email sequence


If you too are unsure about your content strategy or if your content just doesn’t seem to get any leads, send us a message and let’s talk about it. Let’s revise your plan, create a strong lead magnet, and get your content machine humming!