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The End-to-end Content Strategy

SEO preparation, quarterly content plan and ready to publish high-quality content. We offer the complete service, getting you traffic while you focus on other work.  

Want to Drive More Traffic Leads To Your Business?

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Content Marketing is Tough. The Good News Is, It Pays Dividends for Months and Years to Come.

User Reseach

Let’s figure out who your best clients are by diving deep into available data. Who are we selling to and what do they care about the most?

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If you don’t know who you are selling to, how can we expect to come up with convincing lead generation solutions.  

One of the first things we do, is to figure out the customer persona for your business. We need to know who the ideal client is, what his or her painpoints are and how they are being triggered.

We do this by talking to them, asking them questions, look into the internal sales data (with your permission) and create an avatar. 


Content Plan & Marketing Funnel

Complete done-for-you content plan we will be execution upon and making sure it is aligned with customer/product fit

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Let’s start thinking how to create a marketing funnel with the content which is going to be on your website. 

Top of the funnel: High-level content where your company puts out broad long-form content which shows you have extensive knowledge about the industry.

Middle of the funnel: Detailed-oriented original content where we show your customers we know exactly what pain points are present in the industry and how your company goes around and solve them. 

Bottom of the funnel: The last step, we make sure that your solution is shown as the most rational and logical choice. We establish that trust through case studies

Conversion Analytics Reports

Expect monthly conversion rates, number of leads and traffic reports in a customized insightful dashboard.

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What gets measured, gets managed. Working under a growth framework we make sure you are informed about the performance of the content on a monthly/weekly basis. 

In the dashboard that is made for you we will include valuable data such as new traffic, conversion rates percentage and search ranking

Advanced SEO Overhaul

Just like a builder sets the foundation for the house, we make sure your website is optimized for incoming traffic and leads.

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We have to make sure the table is ready before we invite guest to our dinner party, right?  

First, we go through existing content and perform initial assessment which includes technical SEO health and content analysis. 

Secondly, we perform extensive keyword research where we find keywords we can start ranking quickly.

Lastly, we find quality backlinks your competitors are already using. We get you on that knowledge train ASAP.



Prepared Content For You

Once the blueprint is set in stone, we make sure you will have the right content prepared and ready for you to publish.

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There’s no use of churning out content just for the content sake. 

After extensive research and crystal clear customer persona we make sure your audience gets the best, SEO-optimized and relatable content. 

Whether we teach your internal team or find the best writers in the field, we make sure you have the content that is serving your customers and that is better than anything out there.  

The produced content doesn’t come with extra price. It is included in the service.  


Other Copywriting/Research Work

We love our clients and we love to help out on other important tasks which are important to your business.

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Some of the services we are offering when needed: 

Competitor Research:  Is your competitor being a thorn in your hide? We’ll make an extensive market recon and tell you exactly how they are getting their traffic. Coming from growth hacking background and experience in conducting growth studies you will receive a 30+ page report on your competitor. 

Copywriting work: Need help with email or landing page copy? Since we already learned what you and your customers are all about, we can help and write the copy for your product page or landing pages. Same goes with writing converting copy for PPC campaigns. 


Graphic Design: While we don’t offer graphic design in our service, we work with some of the best graphic designers out there. If you need a logo, presentation deck, or professionaly designed page or mobile app, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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