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Co-founder, COO/CFO

It's your success that gets me going! In the past, I've been a head of non-profit, led the content production at b2b e-commerce, and managed projects. If I'm not in front of the computer researching and thinking about how to raise your value, I'm hanging out with my two dogs or trying out a new vegan recipe.



Co-Founder, CEO

Battle tested and forged as a CMO for early stage startups I have learned how to build trust, create relationships, and convert readers into customers. I like to lift heavy objects over my head and listening to great sounds.

Connect with me on Twitter or read some of growth studies on my personal page.

Content Specialist

I'm an eternal student of copy. Words are like ingredients in an amazing dish. Finding the flow and the right amount of spices will make your landing pages explode with engagement. I love traveling and I'd sell my soul for a perfect bowl of ramen.


Art Director

You know when things just don’t look right? That’s why I’m here - to make them look more than just right. Graphic design and other ways of visual communication are the fields I enjoy the most. So, leave the words to the others and give me the graphics!



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